Wondering Where To Play Snooker in Dubai? – 10 Best Dubai Snooker Clubs

New to Dubai and have no idea where you can play snooker in the city? Well, you need to look no further because we have compiled a list of 10 best Dubai snooker clubs for you. These clubs not only offer a perfect atmosphere to enjoy a game of snooker but some of the clubs have many other leisure activities too like you can order coffee, shisha, dinner, ice cream and in some clubs, you can also order hard drinks as well.

Dubai Snooker Clubs #10 – Silence Snooker

Silence Snooker Dubai

If you are a pro in playing snooker then Silence Snooker Club in Dubai is a perfect place for you because they have 12 original Riley’s full size snooker tables. Apart from that, there are 3 VIP rooms that you can book if you are coming with group of friends or family. The VIP rooms are equipped with TV sets where you can watch live football and club has also planned to start showing live cricket matches as well. For those who like to smoke while playing snooker, the club doesn’t have any facility and you will have to go outside to take a puff of energy every once in a while.

Address: Al Garhoud
Contact: silencesnooker@yahoo.com
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Dubai Snooker Clubs #09 – Highway Billiard Boulvard

Highway Billiard Boulvard

Highway Billiard Boulvard is another fine place to play snooker. They have quite an atmosphere to play snooker and you can really enjoy your time with your friends there. You can order snacks, soft drinks, ice cream and coffee/ tea while playing snooker.

Address: Al Ittihad Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact: +971 4 262 3990
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Dubai Snooker Clubs #08 – Golden Cue Pool & Snooker

Golden Cue Pool & Snooker

Located in England Cluster of Dubai International City, Golden Cue Billiards & Snooker Cafe is one of the finest such places in the community. Unlike many other snooker clubs in Dubai, the administration of this cafe is quite active on social media and post videos of their regular players on their Facebook page too.

Address: Dubai- International city – England Custer
Contact: +971-44328575
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Dubai Snooker Clubs #07 – Royal Billiard & Snooker Club

Royal Billiard & Snooker Club

If you are residing in Deira or visiting the area to meet a friend but all of a sudden a plan comes up to play a game of snooker then Royal Billiard & Snooker Club is your best shot. Not that there are no other snooker clubs in Deira but Royal Billiard is a trusted name.

Address: Deira, Behind Grand Service Station
Contact: +971-42652555
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Dubai Snooker Clubs #06 – Rails Billiard

Rails Billiard

For those of you are living in JLT, Marina or JBR, coming all the way to Bur Dubai or Deira will be quite inconvenient just to play snooker. However, you don’t need to travel that much where just next door to you in Red Diamond Building, there is a wonderful snooker club.

Address: Red Diamond Building Jumeirah Lakes Tower (JLT)
Contact: +971-4-4237742
Map Location

Dubai Snooker Clubs #05 – Snooker World

Snooker World

Do you want to go to a place where not only you can enjoy playing snooker but do some other leisure activities too? In that case, Snooker World in Deira is the best place for that. Here you can enjoy pool table, shisha, billiard, table tennis, PlayStation, touch games, WIWI, BabyFoot and much more.

Address: Deira – Dubai-Sharjah Road
Contact: +971 – 4 268 55 66
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Dubai Snooker Clubs #04 – Dubai Snooker Club

Dubai Snooker Club

Almost everyone in Dubai knows the name of this snooker club. If you don’t believe us, just ask any bystander that you want to play snooker in Dubai and they will tell you the name of Dubai Snooker Club. They have 12 snooker tables of tournament class. On all sides of the tables, seating facility is available so that players can sit and relax while playing the game.

Address: Al Karama
Contact: +971 – 4 337 5338
Map Location

Dubai Snooker Clubs #03 – Emirates Billiard Center

Emirates Billiards Center

One of the most prestigious and well sort out snooker club in Dubai and also it can be considered one of the oldest as well. This is one of those snooker clubs in Dubai where you will find many locals playing snooker as well.

Address: Hor Al Anz
Contact: +971 4 262 44 99
Map Location

Dubai Snooker Clubs #02 – 7 Nights Billiards

7 Nights Billiards

One of the finest and premium pool halls and snooker club in Dubai. The snooker club is located just at the junction of Jumeirah 1 & Al Wasl Road. There are 19 pool tables, a separate game zone and coffee lounge as well. The club is also very famous among female pool players.

Address: Al Wasl Road
Contact: +97143458899
Map Location

Dubai Snooker Clubs #01 – Blues & Cues

Blues & Cues

The snooker club and bar is located inside Ramada Continental Hotel. This American bar is the favorite hangout place for tourists and immigrants in Dubai. Not only you can enjoy a pleasant game of snooker but you can also enjoy a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful music. Party in this snooker club and bar keeps moving all night.

Address: Ramada Continental Hotel – Deira
Contact: + 971 4 266 2666
Map Location

Bonus –  Cowboys Sports Bar

Cowboys Sports Bar

If you are in a mood of playing some snooker but watch your favorite football match at the same time then Cowboys Sports Bar is the place where you need to go. The bar operates from 4pm in the afternoon until 3am in the morning.

Address: Al Karama
Contact: +971 – 43346565
Map Location

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