10 Best Dubai Nightclubs – Work Hard Party Harder

Nightlife in Dubai is simply awesome, there are huge skyscrapers that are lit with brightness and of course there are Best Dubai Nightclubs where you can go and burn off some steam during the weekend.

When it comes to the concept of work hard and party harder, Dubai is the best example of that. Here people work really hard day and night but when its weekend, they know how to have a good time. During the day, Dubai is just like any other city in the world where people are using different ways of commute to reach to their work places but it starts showing its real charm during the night.

In this post, we will be telling you about 10 best Dubai night clubs that are ranked on the basis of their fame in general public living in Dubai.

#1 – Apartment Lounge + Club

Apartment Lounge + Club Dubai

This fabulous night club in Dubai is situated in Jumeirah Beach Resort which is a favorite destination for most of the tourists coming to Dubai. Throughout the week, this lounge + club has different music to amuse you. Of course, you will not be going there every day but when you decide to party with your friends on Thursday night, you must go to Apartment Lounge + Club.

Different kinds of music played in this night club include;

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Latin
  • House

On Thursday and Friday nights, you will enjoy the Funky House beat in this night club. All you ladies out there, here is a bonus point for you. In most of the cases ladies are offered free drinks before midnight which makes it one of best Dubai Nightclubs.

#2 – Boudoir Nightclub

Boudoir Nightclub Dubai

Yet another amazing and full of life nightclub in Dubai and the name is Boudoir Nightclub. This nightclub is located at Dubai Marina Beach Resort & Spa Jumeirah Rd. There is no doubt that the club has earned a very good reputation in the city and people really prefer visiting this club during the weekends.

Just like many other nightclubs in Dubai that attract a certain type of gentry, this club attracts Lebanese crowd and that is mainly because they like different variety of music, which is played in this nightclub. You will often noticed music getting switched off and that is not because of some technical problem but it happens where there is a bottle of champagne on table, waiting to be opened.

The lively atmosphere and beautiful crowd really makes Boudoir one of the best Dubai nightclubs to visit.

#3 – Barasti Bar

Barasti Bar Dubai

Barasti is simply one of the most talked about nightclubs in Dubai and that is mainly because a huge crowd comes from Indian and Pakistani community into this club. These two nationalities being more dominant in UAE have Barasti as one of their favorite party place.

This nightclub is located at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and if you are interested in enjoying a drink along the seaside then it is one of the few seaside bars in Dubai. Just hold a glass of cool drink in your hand on a hot afternoon and sit on seashore in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

At night, there is party going on at the beach and also at the indoor bar as well. DJ’s are playing their music and giving you a chance to dance as much as you want. This unique atmosphere is the main reason why Barasti is one of the best Dubai nightclubs destination for tourists and residents.

#4 – Champions Sports Bar

Champions Sports Bar Dubai

If you are a sports fan e.g. Football fan as most people are in UAE and you want to enjoy your favorite match in a place where there are sport enthusiasts like you then Champions Sports Bar is the best place for you. This sports bar is situated at Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd, Deira inside JW Marriot. Major sports covered by this bar include, football, boxing matches and Rugby.

The bar is open for its customers every day from 12pm noon to 2am in the morning. Friday is an exception when bar open at 6pm in the evening and closes at 2am in the morning. The best thing that you will also like about Champions Sports Bar is its bar area which is very large and filled with TV screens.

You can just go there, take a drink and start enjoying your favorite match or you can join a group of people who are really taking interest in an ongoing match and share your expert opinion as well. For sports enthusiasts, Champions Sports Bar is one of the best Dubai Nightclubs to visit.

#5 – Carter’s


This is one of the mysterious and most liked bars in Dubai. During the day, you won’t be able to tell that the restaurant in which you are sitting for your lunch will be transformed into a bar and nightclub after sun set. This is what happens at Carter’s every day.

The restaurant opens at 12pm every day, transforms into nightclub at around 10pm and then closes at 1am in the morning except Saturday’s and Sundays when the bar closes at 2am. Carter’s is located inside Wafi shopping mall in Oud Metha.

At 10pm, DJ will start playing in the bar and that is the time when you can start enjoying yourself and have some fun.

#6 – Ikandy Utralounge

Ikandy Utralounge

As the name suggests, this place is simply crazy. If you are ready for some unlimited fun and want to let yourself free for at least one night, Ikandy Ulrtalounge is where you should be right now unless it is after 3am in morning because that’s the closing time.

This outclass bar is situated at the 4th floor of Shangri La Hotel, the same floor where there is pool deck. The unique thing about this nightclub which also makes it one of the best Dubai nightclubs is that, there is funky pink light inside the bar and when that lights strikes with your white clothes, it makes them glow.

In Dubai, there is no better place for pool parties than Ikandy Ultralounge.

#7 – Chi @ The Lodge

Chi @ The Lodge

This awesome nightclubs is located at Al Nasr Leisure-Land which is very close to American Hospital and Lamcy Plaza. Majority of the younger generation likes to come to this nightclub. What makes it best Dubai nightclubs for youngsters is the funky and hip hop music played by DJs.

To make sure that the young audience keeps coming back to the club, they organize different theme nights as well. These theme nights are very fun and a great way to enjoy your time. There are four huge rooms in this nightclub, a separate dance area which is semi outdoor and attached with garden. On top of that, there is a VIP room where you can arrange your private parties but for that, you will have to make reservation in advane.

There is usually a massive queue outside the nightclub so coming early to reserve your sport is definitely a good idea.

#8 – Kasbar

Kasbar Dubai

Those who are living in Dubai have heard a lot about Royal Mirage Hotel because it is one of the very famous hotels in Dubai. Inside this hotel, there is this amazing nightclub which we are also adding to our list of best Dubai nightclubs at number 8 and the name is, Kasbar. Don’t underestimate this bar only because it is at 8th position because the infrastructure is simply awesome and the atmosphere is breathtaking.

Different types of music is played in this nightclub and that mostly depends on DJ’s and their specialty as well. There are three levels in this club and from those levels, you can take a clear look at the dance floor below. On the top level, there are very comfortable Arabian style sofas where you can sit with your friends and have a relaxed time. If you are with someone special, it allows you to have an intimate evening experience.

The opening time for club is 9:30pm and it closes at around 2am in the morning. There is a charge of AED 50 for entrance but that includes one drink as well.

#9 – Issimo Bar

Issimo Bar Dubai

At number 9 we have Issimo Bar which is also a unique and one of its kind nightclub situated at Hilton Dubai Creek. This place is a mix of martini and sports bar. You can come here and enjoy your favorite game.

Generally this bar/ nightclub is famous in middle-aged men who, after getting free from work, like to come here, sit in comfortable sofas and watch live sports.

Young generation also goes to this nightclub a lot because it offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere for sports lovers. This specialty makes it one of the best Dubai nightclubs.

#10 – Ku-Bu

Ku-Bu Bar Dubai

If you are really in a mood of visiting a nightclubs is not only different but unique from other nightclubs in the city then Ku-Bu is your destination. The décor in this bar is inspired by African traditions, it’s not very big as compared to other bars/ nightclubs that we have covered in the same post but it gives you enough room to enjoy yourself.

There is not a lot of light in the bar which is definitely a part of the theme. All these features and funky beats played by DJ makes this place one of the best Dubai nightclubs without any doubt.

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